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    Let’s Talk About Us

    Way back in 2009 we started our blog with a simple mission in mind: to find the Cool Things in the world and bring them together in one cohesive place. Since then we’ve searched the highest mountains and lowest valleys (figuratively) to construct the nexus of coolness that is Over the years we’ve found the coolest gadgets, greatest gifts, and most innovative inventions and shown them to our readers. If it’s cool, we know about it. But we wanted to do more.

    Let’s Talk About You

    Our readers love to share and talk about the Cool Things we find for them. But they’re a savvy bunch, as shown by the hundreds of emails asking why we didn’t sell any of these gizmos ourselves. Well, now we do. Welcome to the Cool Things online store. Pretty neat right? We’ve hand-picked the coolest, highest-quality gadgets for your buying pleasure. We know that you’re just as discerning about Cool Things as we are, so you’ll find no gimmicks here. There’s only functional coolness that you’ll be proud to own and use.

    Let’s Talk Gadgets, Gear and Gifts

    The struggle to find interesting, cool, and original gifts ends here. We have gadgets for men, gifts for girls, and gizmos for just about anyone. You can find Cool Things, for the cool people in your life that will make you look cool. And don’t worry; we’ll still keep writing about the gift and gadget shows and coolness conventions we attend on our blog. Only now, we can bring some of the Cool Things we discover directly to you.